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  1. geogjae

    Windows and Linux distributions.

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    WinZoom Lite is a powerful tool that was especially designed to provide users with a means of enlarging the screen icons, text and, in general, increase the visibility of the desktop.

    The program supports a magnification factor up to 4x and has some customizations for mouse cursor size and full screen or lens view.Windows and Linux distributions.I was so excited and so pleased to see the

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  2. ariakei

    It supports over 100 different device types. Additionally it can handle Type 1, Type 3, Type 4, and Type 11 fonts natively.
    Both PDF and PostScript handling have been especially tuned to produce optimum quality. PostScript generation is highly configurable. Support for typesetting, customizing pages and layouts are included.

    NativeScript is a new cross-platform Native development framework for the web designed to be extensible, focused on both architecture, as well as components. Its core components

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  3. erwcar

    Additionally, AllSync lets users restore files or just empty a connected backup archive via the integrated file manager. It also features a UI that makes it extremely easy to right-click on a file or folder to move or copy it. The application also enables users to un-tar, compress, split, duplicate and hide files and folders, as well as to search and delete files.
    There’s also a choice of cloud storage connectors, including Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, FTP, SF

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  4. enskmoor

    Like anything else though, it’s also not the easiest thing to use, and can be pretty difficult to get used to.
    For those of you who just need a simple validation framework, that’s easy enough, and it does work great.
    For those of you who need to write more complex validation rules, or need some very specific integration, however you’re going to need some work.
    First, SpecExpress doesn’t use Attributes on your Specification classes or Specification objects. Instead,

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  5. eidphil

    How? Easy! If you click on this link, you can download the source code for the sample project found at Once downloaded, you can use the source code to implement a simple WebGantt.NET project based upon the sample.
    There are screenshots of WebGantt.NET within the sample below:

    Download Now!

    9] that $M$ and $

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  6. carswat

    You can find the official page of BRAdmin Light at the following web address:
    If you want a version in English please register at Brother website.
    If you want a version in German please register at Brother website.
    If you want a version in Dutch please register at Brother website.
    Otherwise, you can always download the free version from the official Brother website.

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  7. saltoma

    C#/Console application; for searching filename and path for specific simple pattern.

    see the demo screen shot link below

    I used C# programming language and Visual Studio. I created a new Visual Studio console application where I created four simple methods as Search.

    Method1 to search text file names from the folder: this contains 2 text files, one will contain the MD5Hash value of the text file name and other will contain file path.

    This method will

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  8. berdre

    4.0 or higher installed on your PC.
    ■ Minimum Windows 7 OS.

    Please describe the issues you are facing.

    Screenshots : Go to here
    We use a method whereby we create color keys with colors which we use to indicate the key value.
    We have a dedicated page on the site where we give instructions for creating the color key and it also lists the example created.
    We have a mockup on the site with the example provided. It has

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  9. nialcarl

    How to Download and Install Custom Calendar on PC

    Press the download button and install the package by running the setup file

    The installation process is without hitch.

    You can’t go wrong with Custom Calendar, although if you’re looking for more advanced tool options you might be disappointed.

    After installing the utility on your computer, you’ll get a collection of configuration options right on the start screen. You may modify the main settings as you wish

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  10. handwyne



    The HTML File Wizard is a Wizard-based HTML file creator for creating files that includes automatically generated formatted HTML code based on a HTML file template, such as US/XML/HTML/ASP extension files. This tool can create files in US/XML/ HTML/ASP in the following formats : *.HTML, *.HTML

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  11. wynman

    William Ford (Mississippi judge)

    William Alexander Ford (November 27, 1856 – July 25, 1931) was a United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi.

    Education and career

    Born in Brookhaven, Mississippi, Ford received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Mississippi in 1876 and read law to enter the bar in 1878. He was in private practice in Brookhaven from 1878 to 1880, then

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  12. whaltam

    Cutaneous dopamine D1 and D5 receptors regulate a network of neurons involved in itch-associated behaviors in mice: implications for sensory disorders.
    Although the relation between cutaneous dopamine D(1) and D(5) receptors and nociceptive processing has already been examined by several groups, the relation to itch-related responses is still limited. Therefore, the present study investigated the involvement of these receptors in itch-associated responses. The present study investigated the involvement of dopamine D(1

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  13. isajay

    License:Freeware,$3 to buy Size: 15.2MB


    beStreamPlayerJ –
    Media & Entertainment… beStreamPlayerJ is a media player for watching, recording and streaming internet TV without having to install additional software or configure complicated settings, and without any annoying ads. Its simple interface resembles that of Windows Media Player and offers all the necessary functions to watch, record and stream online television to a PC, so it’s ready to use after

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  14. buldar

    Even though there is no project diary, often considered one of the most essential elements in CAD visualization, the application provides all the information you’ll require for both production and time saving purposes. The application is very light on resources, that it will be ready to go out of the box on most home PCs.The iPhone 5’s slide form factor is touted for its thinner form. But if one measure is truly the most accurate, it would be the distortion of images on devices. This resolution is

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  15. giuzavi

    MultiCam LITE is an incredibly simple and visual way to take multiple pictures and combine them into a single panoramic image. Best of all, some images can be stitched automatically, so after the first shot you can easily let the program take care of the rest.
    Note: An account is required in order to use the application properly.

    Are you frequently asked to deliver a print project?
    Have you experienced difficulties to manage easily and effectively your paper collection?

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  16. darlpela

    All in all, this is a very useful utility for those whose focus is on reading and listening to audiobooks.

    Text extractor program is a handy piece of software that allows you to perform preprocessing on text documents. After its installation and setup process completes successfully,
    you can simply import.txt files from various locations such as Desktop or USB drive.
    After installing the utility on your computer, make sure that you have selected the correct location where your text files are

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  17. berbren

    F-Bagle will disinfect infected Windows computers with certain versions of Bagle worm, Mitglieder trojan and Bagle.N, Bagle.Q, Bagle.P, Bagle.R, Bagle.S and Bagle.T variants. The utility works only on computers with (32-bit or 64-bit) Windows operating system in clean mode.

    An antivirus vendor may erroneously report that some real virus is detected

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  18. glekai

    limit (30days for Enhanced)
    ■ CD’s Promotional version ONLY
    ■ MUSHROOM is not supported yet

    wxPython Custom Widget window doesn’t resize if i attach QTreeWidget as the underlying container

    I am toying with wxPython and I am having some trouble with Custom Widget. I am trying to use a custom widget and from some research I have found that if I use 05e1106874 glekai

  19. valdom

    I want to retrieve the list of users on my server using the Active Directory LDAP API. Assuming the server is running Windows 2000 Server Standard Edition, Visual C# 2008 Express Edition, and Visual Studio.NET 2008, and I’m using a SQL Server as my backend, how do I accomplish this?
    Thanks in advance,

    I’m trying to set my mobile internet to work with my laptop using the vodafone dongle. I’ve set the usb 05e1106874 valdom

  20. filifynn

    The software is capable of converting only.jar files whose size is below 5 MB. You can also check if a file contains any Java libraries by viewing the install logs option.
    Similar to JAR to EXE, with a small set of tools and quality steps taken to ensure a higher-quality conversion that’s devoid of all kinds of errors and/or issues, you can now easily convert a wide range of.jar files to.exe with ease, and it’s done quickly.
    This 8cee70152a filifynn

  21. fun88

    Hey There. I discovered your blog the use of msn. This is a very smartly written article.
    I’ll be sure to bookmark it and come back to learn extra of
    your helpful info. Thank you for the post. I will definitely

  22. belsce

    Generate, Print, Delete and Search:

    Other than the functions for saving or printing the derivative, the app also has an option to search if there are similar derivative names.
    Going one step further, you can use the Create Derivative button to generate derivative names according to the conditions you set.

    Improved Editing function:

    In addition to the existing options, you can also find an option in the app which enables you to open the derivative in matlab or
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  23. natmanr

    Investigation on a heterogeneity of the difference spectrum between excited triplet states in a tetramethylporphyrin dimer.
    The origin of the difference spectrum between the first positive- (lambda(1Nr)) and the first negative- (lambda(1N(2))) normal difference spectra in the M-dimer (lambda-d-M), resulting from the S(1) state of lambda-d-ZnO-TMP (triplet-state
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  24. balgarr


    External links

    Category:Molecular biology
    Category:Bioinformatics softwareQ:

    SQL operator check with binary union

    I have a SQL query below which works well if there is only one row in the first and the second tables. How can I add error checking for either of the tables to return o/p accordingly?
    SELECT *
    „VALA“ IN (1,
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  25. conesbe

    Somewhere under the rough polyester suit that his good friend Marc Jacobs has wrapped him in for the Manhattan premiere of this summer’s “Catch-22,” Sam Mechanic is starting to go numb.

    “This is the weirdest gown I’ve ever worn in my life,” he says with a grin. In fact, it is a wacky ensemble, a kimono-like bit of stretchy technical fabric and poly
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  26. taijann

    Images to Video is a fully-featured image to video converter for Windows, that allows you to convert a variety of image formats from all the most popular file types to avi file format. It’s extremely easy to use a click of the mouse, and comes with a wide variety of edit functions included in the standard preset library that helps you easily and simply create or select your exact videos with the best quality.

    NOTE: This download is provided by the software publisher
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  27. shavole

    To get started with Xilisoft DVD to iPhone Suite Suite, users must preload the program with DVD source files, then go to the DVD to iPhone Converter screen. At the top, you need to specify a destination location for the output videos. You can also choose more details like the output profile to ensure good results, the output folder, file extension, media file size and quality, video bitrate, copy protection, and so on.

    Also, once you click on
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  28. wenkala

    The Microsoft Business Ready Security trial environment also provides a means for organizations to leverage their existing production networks and use the Microsoft technologies to test scenarios before they become an organizational requirement. This trial environment is controlled by a local server called “Microsoft Business Ready Security Management Host”. The use of this testing server allows the organization to customize a customized local environment for the trials and ease of deployment onto their internal development, testing and production environment.

    Microsoft’s successful distribution of Office for
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  29. glorbily

    Almost every terminal emulator can be used with Access*One. Some common unix builtin capabilities (e.g. local zone support, local menu, rc-files, job-control) have been integrated into Access*One.

    There are two types of terminals: remote and local. Each remote terminal is an object (an object itself may have an innumerable number of components). There are various properties of objects and several predefined operations when an object is double-clicked onto
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  30. dictpai

    Latest Forum Activity

    I’m looking for a shareware application that allows me to record time-shift or time-loop my PC games, with the option to use a template (e.g. music CD) to set the sound and the time-speed. It should work on Windows 7 and on Mac OS X. If there’s none available, an option to record a timer (no audio/no sound) would be fine too. Any ideas?Thanks.

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  31. handcari

    The application can be downloaded from the project’s page, as well as a detailed description file called “README”.

    WebXRAppGFX is a dedicated open source WebXR development platform for high-end AR or VR applications. Specifically it contains:

    WebXR Applications (JavaScript & Java) and controls developed for IAB’s API (IGVWIO) v3.0 APIs, so that users can easily develop their own VR
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  32. giobcel

    Zenfone Support Phone Number –


    The phone number 0800 028 1972 is a Venice based freephone helpline support phone number of a well known telephone call helpline service provider ZenFone Support Phone Number, provides a wide range of support services for different types of mobile and tech based products and units. The helpline provides a class user friendly support services for the users, and the users must dial the 1st number 0800 0
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  33. hallav

    Compatibility is not listed as a problem as far as the Mac version is concerned, but we are sure that its Windows counterpart presents some query points to a number of users, as this is ACDEXe’s worst-hit status.
    As a standalone app, we definitely can’t recommend it though. Besides, the more affordable commercial version provides more options in all the categories mentioned above.
    After a successful launch of the first Mainframe 8.5 based edition,
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  34. nervdars

    You’ll find the gadget by…

    The Clocket2 – Moon_Phase sidebar gadget was developed to be a small tool that displays the current time on your desktop.
    This clock has a continuously running seconds hand, a date display and shows – on request – the current moon phase. The clock is normally 130x130px and undocked 260x260px large. You’ll find the gadget by…

    The Clocket3 – Moon_Phase sidebar gadget was developed to be a
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  35. colllyon

    The software is available for Windows 98SE, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows XP.
    Rikomagic MK802IIIS Recovery Software is not only useful to recover the contents of a Dual Core MK802 IIIS device and revert it to its original factory state, but also to restore the Windows OS after the device was frozen or damaged.
    In any case, this recovery tool is intended to assist non-experienced users and is not intended to achieve
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  36. kenelis


    Basic Features-
    1.Convert PowerPoint presentations to EXE format.
    2.Convert PowerPoint presentations into VCD and DVD autorun fie
    3.Convert PowerPoint presentations to oled slides and slideshows.
    4.Show how many presentation runs and save a copy of input document.
    5.Add post-processing options to your convert PowerPoint files to exe results by trimming the white spaces around the edges of the slides.
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  37. calcate

    Detailed instructions on how to operate the utility are included in file ‚ReadMe.txt‘ included in this tool.
    The interface of the application is based on the use of standard data access methods. Therefore, there is no need to know any routine programming languages when working with the utility.
    It can be convenient for a novice in the field of registry corrections as well. The application is designed to simplify understanding of the complexity of RegRev32 and a lot of other modern registry utilities while providing
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