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  1. urzpru

    After 30 days, the trial version of this utility will become a non-trial version and will no longer work as originally advertised. During this time, you may continue to use the program, but no features, information or data, will be permanently stored on your disk.
    �■ Only NTFS volumes supported
    This program will not recognize how any other partitions are setup.
    �■ Some of the options are categorized by operation type instead of by disk space (i

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  2. marchi

    Note that Duplix only duplicates files and folders; all other types of files are overlooked. You can not use this program for overwriting files and folders, rather just for copying them.


    1. Run Duplix and log in with your user ID. You can either log in as a specific user or yourself by selecting „I“ in the grayed out box in the upper left corner.

    2. Click the „Du

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  3. appcon

    … not a good idea for gaming right? No, it’s not, the truth! However, Microsoft announced a new thing today for the Xbox One. They introduced multiple gaming sharing. Now, when you have a number of friends and family members that have an Xbox One and you are done playing games, you can just send them a link on your Xbox One, and they will be able to join your session, totally for free! I’m sure a lot of you

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  4. gilbwan

    Here’s a video guide to the best registry cleaners and optimizers available, which you might find helpful:

    CCleaner: 5 reasons why you should use CCleaner

    Although CCleaner has been around since 2005, when over a million users were using it, it has only become more popular since the days when it was part of AVG. With a clean computer, it’s easier to maximize the potential of your system, and CCleaner does a great job of that. Let’s see why you should use CCleaner for years to come!

    1. It cleans your junk files

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  5. beniosha

    If you build software that is going to be available to Windows users, you need to worry about several security issues. There’s basic Windows security, like Antivirus and Firewall updates, but you also have to ensure that you are running software that is properly licensed.
    You need to make sure that your software is trustworthy and that it is not committing any security violations. A trusted Windows apps makes sure that your code will run smooth and won’t cause your laptop to

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  6. glybill

    This technology allows you to use it on the Windows, Linux, Solaris platforms and MacOSX. The developper company Himex has open sourced their software under the Apache license.

    See also

    Category:Geometric algorithms
    Category:Educational software for Linux
    Category:Educational software for MacOS
    Category:Free educational softwareFollow Us

    McDermott Offers Artificial Intelligence to Combat Cyberattacks

    on April 5, 2016


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  7. pardevo

    It does not require installation and runs very smoothly. What is more, it comes with a rather simple interface, rather limited functionality, and is very stable.
    Sleeps is a free download and is only available in English.

    Free Printscreen
    Printscreens are missing a very important piece of information; that is, their resolution has a very low limit. But that does not stop them from being one of the best program utilities for your computer. With the help of this utility, you

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  8. leaohar

    Metalion video converter free is a powerful video converter that lets you convert different video formats as easily as possible into a wide range of formats both new as well as old. You can download
    and stream whatever you want from your PC. Torrent and P2P are available for Windows users, while a built-in YouTube downloader ensures that the best possible video quality is
    always achieved. The software is totally free, and you can enjoy using it without any registration!


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  9. bianmak

    And if you want something different, start with the other themes in the moviez of themes folder.
    Simply download the zip file and extract it anywhere to your desktop.
    If you are using Win 7, open the Extra pane and mark the Theme you want to add, otherwise, browse to the „MyThemes“ folder.
    Choose the one you want.
    Restart to enjoy the theme.
    If you want only the border, you can use this. http://xn--b1adbembmyifzp.xn--p1ai/bitrix/redirect.php?event1=&event2=&event3=&goto=

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  10. markglen

    It manages and creates the data information and offers options through a wide range of menu options and toolbars. The tool is well-suited for database setups that involve tables with many columns.Comparison of anthropometric measurements to determine nutritional status in a population of pregnant women on the Gaza Strip.
    To determine the importance of the measurement of different anthropometric indices, body mass index (BMI), triceps skin fold (TSF), mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC), arm muscle

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  11. janraly

    Nevertheless, it’s a simple and useful tool which allows you to capture the active desktop at different levels, including the window of a selected application; it also allows you to snap shots of specific areas of your screen with the wide range of settings that Yahoo! Screen Shooter offers. It’s a widget for your use.


    Parsing the source code

    The design source code is a separate ZIP archive, while some parts of the widget engine source code are found in the

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  12. niktvam

    It is also possible to see if an item has already been found, while saving your personal settings and the need to re-enter every little detail. This top-notch program was developed especially for Windows, yet it can be used across major platforms and OSs thanks to a portable install variant. Unfortunately, there’s no way to restore files found by using InFile Seeker back to their original condition, but that feature is still a good-enough tradeoff.


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  13. vyrnarr

    Even though we don’t recommend using it, it works effectively as there are no serious issues and a good selection of options for those who are keen on translating IP addresses.

    Last reviewed October 07, 2011
    Review PCWorld rating: Editor’s Choice

    PCWorld may have received a payment in exchange for an affiliate link from this website.

    A victim of the ongoing global cybercriminals‘ infestation, security software giant Symantec was dealt a blow today when a malicious piece

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  14. jaymmar

    Additional features include customizable image filters, on-screen help, YUV value format as well as a playlist for holding various files. Users will also be able to stick to the file-based analysis, as in the case, of video files on local system for super-fast paced processing.
    This program supports most of the most common video formats, including ASF, AVI, WMV, FLV, MP4, MOV, OGG, MKV, VOB, as well 05e1106874 jaymmar

  15. queejess

    Before testing, I must emphasize that my only intention here is always to take part in honest feedback for a legit program. Regardless of whether I’ve been genuinely satisfied or otherwise, the purpose here is to stay as objective as possible, and produce honest, unobtrusive feedback. Personally, I’m very pleased with this software application, and I think it deserves much applause and the money it deserves.
    The team behind the program is completely committed to the end users. You have a thorough knowledge of 05e1106874 queejess

  16. halsha

    Adjust audio volume
    You can adjust the audio volume easily from the „General“ tab of the MP4 Stream Editor’s main window.
    It allows you to decide whether the clip has a fixed volume or should follow the current track’s volume.
    Extract art from a frame
    Additionally, you can extract art from a frame and thus add it to a specified location in the MP4 Stream Editor.
    Open MP4 file to edit metadata
    With MP4 Stream Editor, you can open 8cee70152a halsha

  17. vensash

    To summarize, all you need to do is

    Click on the Start button, type remote desktop connection, and select the Remote Desktop Connection (MSTSC.exe) application

    Double-click on the Remote Desktop Connection icon

    Once installed, click on the Main Menu icon (→ Taskbar)

    Click on Edit, then Preferences, and then Network

    To be able to use the other computer, click on the SOCKS proxy settings, and use the settings you
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  18. neenivan

    The app can be used to translate individual words or an entire file. This is an easy to use and a very effective way to translate between any two languages.

    This is a windows application but no matter what windows you are using, you can use it.

    Updated of April 2019

    Works best in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and 19.04 version of Ubuntu

    You can download it using these two commands:
    sudo apt-get install pakit
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  19. daymmych


    Enjoy the beauty and natural sounds of the open seas and the roaring boat engines as you scan the sea for birds and whales. Then go land sailing.
    Sailing Windows 7 theme is a really beautiful and realistic 1:1 scaled 19.5MB (app) and 14.81MB (wallpaper) watercolor of sail boats on white background. You will enjoy the smooth animation of the boats with the white sail billowing on a blue sky.
    In order to
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  20. livpac

    Official website:
    One of our readers will receive a free license key for Notes On Top. Kindly send us your email at [email protected]

    Looking for an app that is simple and lightweight? Check out the Recipio Reader for iPhone, which is built on the ZeroBack iOS framework and is aimed at people who need to make quick read-only logins to web sites, enter data etc without much fuss
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  21. grequyn

    Bulk Image Converter is a great little program that is easy to use and what it is intended for – converting image files to other formats. I was able to convert Word documents, Excel files, PDF documents and other types of documents in just a few minutes. What is more, it does not require any third-party software and is easy to install and use. But that is not the only thing that Bulk Image Converter is capable of; it can convert multiple files, along with
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  22. caixym

    DarkBASIC Professional supports the development of applications on Windows 2000, XP, and Vista platforms.

    What’s New

    Version 2.3:

    This version introduces many improvements in DarkBASIC Professional, including new features, enhanced features and bug-fixes.

    We have enhanced the search/replace feature. We were using different overlapping search boxes to run multiple search/replace operations on a single file. The new search box combines the individual search boxes into a single
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  23. panjenn

    It also provides voice navigation when available, and a detailed set of guidelines to help developers, voice-videogames developers and web developers easily implement these modes.
    I believe this tool will be very useful for the visual impaired community since it allows a more direct access to the Internet. But there are still some things missing from it. Therefore I have developed a few ideas that add more features to help the visually impaired.

    I’m Dr. Skamilo Lomas, and
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  24. birdqua

    If necessary, you can have all of your bookmarks at your fingertips by copying URLs from sites where you have open tabs saved.

    This app is an ideal Chrome OS alternative and operates entirely offline which is great if you’re out of a wi-fi connection.All the settings and options are right there with a few clicks as well. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting to sync a setting again, the app has its own settings with easy to find options to get
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  25. caryyes


    Time to create an Website? Or just looking for some quick inroads in the massive Internet Market place? Then, The HTML Site Creator is just the right tool for you!
    HTML Site Creator makes it easy to create a website in a flash. Simply tell the program what the website’s title should be and how it should look – and it will do the rest.
    Then use the mouse to place and resize your navigation controls. You can also upload content, including images
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  26. xylsha

    Within the application, users can build their own system, customizing the application to fit their needs.
    Furthermore, the software features multiple and customizable workflows that allow users to automate tasks using different hardware devices, working with a variety of different protocols, and create different applications that include not only devices but also sensors, music apps, and apps that can be embedded directly on the devices, and applets that work with web access.
    This is definitely an innovative utility that should be tested by system
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  27. paciblan

    With the help of this software you will be able to easily setup any new device or add network infrastructure to your existing LAN through the integrated Web interfaces.
    Before starting the installation process, please note that by installing your TP-LINK router device on a home network, you agree that your router will be connected directly to the Internet.


    TL-8817 is an ADSL2+ Ethernet/USB modem router which is very easy to configure and can provide high-speed Internet
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  28. hailnaij

    When applied, Audio Recorder Pro helps you create and record sounds. Audio Recorder Pro is a handy sound recorder and audioserver recorder. Audio Recorder Pro records sound to file, converts format (wav, wma, mp3, ogg, mpeg v2, apc, snd, zerolois, adpcm, ulaw, alaw), and saves files to different locations. Audio Recorder Pro can record from any sound inputs, such as
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  29. oliehauk

    The report types include the following:

    In our opinion, this tool only works with paid search.

    It may be both useful and appealing for those that want to learn more about how effective AdWords has been in generating traffic to their website.

    The app is designed to provide a ton of analytical data in the spreadsheet format.

    With this, you need to remember that the information may not be available at all times as the monthly access is a premium version.
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  30. talisal

    Download F-Secure BOOSTER free of charge right now!
    F-Secure BOOSTER allows you to install, delete, run or repair Microsoft Office documents and other files associated with your Office suite. Does your PowerPoint document lose the name and file size when you open it? Here’s the solution:
    Using F-Secure BOOSTER, you can change the file name of a PowerPoint document: you can add any text and choose from an extensive selection of characters, numbers
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  31. gebhkee

    In addition to the quick search function, you can choose to view the output information directly in the primary panel, or copy the password to the clipboard. Both options will greatly improve your work with PasswordSpy, and it can be easily used by users who have mastered other password recovery solutions.
    However, the application only allows you to decrypt password that are saved in the standard format, alongside Windows-wide encryption algorithms, which might restrict its functionality from time to time.
    – Available
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  32. vicbai


    User Rating:



    Publisher’s Description

    Zip Password Finder is a free utility to decrypt password-protected Zip files. It doesn’t contain any adware and it is free.

    The installation process is smooth and does not offer to install third-party products. After you complete it, you are greeted by a plain interface, which can be used with great ease by any type of person, regardless of their previous experience
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  33. chinlat

    I have been migrating my music back to my main drive to save even more space. That was pretty fun… for a couple of days. Then, I ended up with hundreds of MP3 files that couldn’t be “hard-copied” to a new folder or file. So, I tried a couple of different softwares to achieve the same. One thing that really brings you back to old school was the support for batch-copying. I know it
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  34. shanwynd

    The good news is that it is also compatible with popular PC video recorders.Two-year-old Victor Tenyim is a very special boy indeed.

    In between his stories, Victor dances and even does a sumo pose in the wheelchair he was born into.

    His disability, severe combined immunodeficiency – which has left him feeling socially isolated – has left him almost blind.

    But Victor has one great advantage over many others.

    He has an
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  35. mikaole

    For example, the public beta version will soon allow white background alpha channel support.

    Best free photo editing software for your Mac
    Looking for a simple image editor to brush up your photos? You can try the free CutePix! If you prefer a more feature-loaded tool that also provides powerful photo merging capabilities, consider Pictor. And if you like to take things a bit further, here’s our collection of the best free photo editing software for your Mac.
    Not only can
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  36. wilmall

    General RS232 Functions:
    Control: Reset, Transmit data, receive data, Receive data, Transmit/receive data, Suspend while transmission.
    Communication: Opens RS232 serial port, closes serial port.
    Specify the pin to transmit data
    Send RS232 data from point a to b
    Three RS232 functions:
    Receive data from the port
    Get the status of the port
    Get the number of data bytes received
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