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  1. franlat

    Simple interface and few bells and whistles go a long way. That said, there may be some users who want more options.
    Overall, however, it ranks high on quality and customer service. More so when you consider that the $7 app does not ask for additional fees once it is installed.


    This software solution, titled StatusPilatus (also available as a widget for your desktop) will monitor your hardware-related resources such as CPU

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  2. thocat

    The purpose BEAST is not to be used by individuals on a day to day basis but is part of a research team that is designing applications in order to provide answers on a scientific framework.

    If you want to ask Java related questions please go to
    Here is a link to the FAQ of the forum with a lot of information how to get started with Java on Windows.


    We have recently

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  3. calyoo

    The app is not exactly easy to use, but it provides a very low barrier for learning. Additionally, you may have no need for a math textbook as you can use GeoGebra to create, customize or modify the objects without having a lot of issues.

    Principles of chemistry and physics are notoriously difficult to learn, so anyone who has to face them can benefit greatly from studying the work of Isaac Newton. In this version, Newton devotes most of his energies to a simple alchemical

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  4. pypisop

    It can also be helpful for anyone wanting to explore.NET assemblies quickly by quickly jumping to specific locations and using the debugger from inside the shell.

    Since Dimas is a very useful plugin for ILSpy users, many have asked me that now ILSpy can accommodate more than one user, many of you may have used Dimas. This is a new feature we called collaboration, this feature can be used by sharing files and folders and setting permissions. This is also available for source code

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  5. wenjaed

    [gallery link="file" orderby= name="1"]

    Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 4
    Today we are pleased to introduce the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 extra coupon. You can get your hands on a $100 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that works on our system! Including the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is $69.99. Pair with any compatible Micro SIM card for $9.99 and our professional coupon manager will automatically match the sale price up to $100 off your bill.

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  6. casiquil

    System Requirements
    Time Line Maker Professional, to be deployed on Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7. It cannot be installed on Mac OS X.
    Length: 860KB. Download Time: 11 minutes. Compatible with all modern browsers.
    How to download
    Click one of the banners below to visit the publisher’s website and get the software.Remote sensing of U.S. and Canadian vegetation by manned aircraft and satellite.
    Nineteen major U.S. and Canadian forests

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  7. leopala

    Very Good

    Very Good



    April 7, 2019

    Very good software. As they say there are only 2 things to learn- how to use it and when to quit.

    Very Good



    December 16, 2018

    It worked well

    Editors’ review

    Visceral Gaming

    Dual Audio Recorder is a

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  8. berhat

    The truth is that the program comprises all the features that you need to create your exams of any type, whether they are ungraded or graded, and no other test software is of this quality. However, you still need to consider doing things the right way, which is free of errors. By no means is TutorKit as secure as methods that enable total protection of your test data or are already available. That being said, it’s no less safe than the majority of test tools

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  9. dennxir



    Ease of Use


    Why Should You Buy This Software/App

    A ransomware-type infection prevents you from opening and saving your files on your computer, thus preventing you from accessing the data. The idea behind this malicious software is to encrypt your files, make it appear that your files are locked and then demand a ransom for the decryption key.
    With Trend Micro Ransomware

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  10. philame

    Windows related clustering software.
    Ajarta Linux, a Debian-like version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
    The market for cost-effective solid state drives has been dominated by large vendors by offering a host of features such as Linux compatibility, NAND layout backward compatibility, platform compatibility, etc. If you can get the best price at a smaller vendor, I don’t think it is really worth it. But I think for enterprise-class SMB’s this is

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  11. sherleo

    How does it work?

    For more details on how to use the Diceroller, please refer to the Python manual on its main page.


    – It allows you to make a passwordless connection to an IRC channel.
    – It supports multiple rolling tasks, such as tails to a certain #chan or rolling a specific number out of nothing by its title.
    – It shows you a typical GUI bar to the left of the screen. It allows

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  12. hazkele

    It does this by scanning the file and analyzing it for suspicious properties.

    An archive unpacked as a separate module that is initially missing certain modules, or components, this can cause a potential infection

    Potential system files and settings changes that are not configured with the user’s intent like the file read-only

    Possible disk corruption as well as the file being installed and running or installed and not running (with the latter having a different subversion)

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  13. saffail

    Due to its flexible and intuitive user-interface, desktop, users were finding it very easy to use even its complex features. Besides different operating systems are supported, reports containing any number of top-down or bottom-up, audio or video players can be exported in bit-perfect WAV format, VGM and PCM format.

    Can be used to create and analyze files with (or without) the/s graphics engine

    Code, e.g. is a need that

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  14. golbran

    Moreover, it uses its own storage database and offers an analysis mechanism for notifications regarding the occurrences of certain events. Another feature is its remote triggering that allows automatic alerting of the security staff.
    Lastly, there are versioning controls that help maintain information regarding events and possible issues.
    However, it’s capabilities are limited as the user must have the proper tools installed on his machine for the program to work and he must be familiar with the configuration procedures to maintain and run the software.

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  15. laurfind

    Download calculator-7.rar.

    The more complex, but certainly the more functional Excel 2010 version.
    Removed the Display Data menu, now everything is tied to the View menu. Also expanded on the iconography, while still keeping a tight spacing between digits. The change was noticed immediately. Feel free to report if there are any bugs.
    Download Excel-2010.exe.

    CHANGES: the Regular name got changed to Font-Regular also the part of the icon

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  16. washemmy

    How to get the Lenovo Y530 Drivers on Windows 10/8/7

    Learn how to Download Lenovo Y530 Drivers on Windows 10/8/7 in easy steps. It is similar to the Lenovo A510 Drivers installation. Lenovo A series devices are usually exclusive products of Lenovo brand, and it is different that compare to other computer brands.

    Save 40% on TECLABS Gear

    We are pleased to announce the Gear of the Week is now Teclabs 05e1106874 washemmy

  17. henwas

    Here are a few more salient features of the framework:

    A tool that allows the placement of input and output values with developers through the SDk Editor without the need to install and deploy the application.
    Placement of data and the programming interface with simple and easy tools.
    A cross-platform tool that supports (iPhone, iPad and Android).
    An interface that supports preview and theoretical analysis for the 3D model and the captured images. This tool increases the user confidence.
    The 8cee70152a henwas

  18. tanzal

    The X12 Parser converts to multiple formats including, CSV, XML, DBF and XSL. This tool can be used for automation to create multiple output file formats, or if the base file information is only needed, X12 Parser can convert the file to a single format at once.


    – Customise or include or exclude the various individual component claims from a base claim response. 

    – Generate multiple remittance advices
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  19. elokafe

    ■ Power Tunes Streaming software
    ■ Internet Explorer
    ■ Macintosh with A2L (add the powertunes/winmodules.dll to Power Tunes/Browser/plug in to system

    Download this amazing collection of MP3s thanks to this awesome website. Available in four languages: english, portuguese, spanish & french.

    The best dance bands are here as are the best top 40 dance hits of the
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  20. faumoo


    The website is dedicated to responsible marketing methods that help you in earning from your website. This is a wonderful option to make money in a legal manner. You can go for any option and can see which adsense is the most effective. Just try each and every option and decide which is the best to earn more money from your website. is able to visit many websites and chooses those who are interested in any software
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  21. wellarm

    Windows Mac Android

    I’m getting crazy not being able to stream my Beta keys buy a slice of pie for my children. Can someone please post a list of all the media players that works with beta keys? We’re still waiting for TotalBiscuit to finish recording his countdown to when the game drops 🙁

    We’re looking for journalists & influencers on Twitch to play and share their experience with Steemit! If you’re a YouTuber or streamer and wish to
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  22. ivorhass

    Many software maintenance programs, such as Norton Antivirus, appear different if you’re looking at them from the desktop or in the software’s main window; however, we have a simple solution to all this confusion. Simply navigate to the software’s shortcut (desktop icons or action icons in Windows 8.1, for example) and the software’s interface will be in a similar format for every window. In addition to making it easier to view files and navigation bars, this also stops the frustration
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  23. kirihas

    Saga Series

    Saga Uni
    Unisaga Uni is a multi-format media player; the latest version unisaga PC V11.2 released in 2016 includes support for iPods, in addition to the previous support for iTunes. Its sound quality is claimed to be equivalent to that of Apple’s iTunes.

    Unicat Link
    Unicat Link offers users connectivity to internet and supports databases, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, Windows Live Messenger,
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  24. veawan

    Basic navigation offered, with versatile browsing as well as an image sorting and zoom feature, complimented with a slideshow, and the usual built-in image brightness control
    The slideshow, which seems somewhat out of place as a regular part of any image viewer, was actually quite a nice surprise. Users can choose between themes, pause on-the-fly, and even decide how many images to show at a time. And to render it even more vivid, we’d like to mention how
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  25. kaydurs

    At any rate, even if OuttaSight doesn’t work as you would like, it still performs well and with a couple of key combinations set can save you plenty of time.

    Advanced blocklist is a web-based resource that can be used to both block and allow IP’s. The program also contains an extensive antispam filter. The most useful feature is the “Applause” link that allows you to rate everything about
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  26. wendgas

    You can delete a word, a phrase, a sentence or an entry by pressing ‚Del‘ on your keypad.

    Asoebi Video Grabber is a program that allows you to capture videos from any webcam on your computer or any network to your hard disk. With a simple installation, you can use the program right away to get videos from video chats, voice calls, police vans, mobile phones, security cameras, web cameras and any type of video source. If you want to
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  27. adekesh

    Key Features of AccelMan:

    Hex editor is not the kind of software you go for if you don’t spend weeks or months with it once in a while. Hex Editor 5.5 is a powerful and versatile hex editor. It is not a keyboard-based hex editor and since HexEditor 5.5 is Symbolic Editor based, you need to place the cursor on a symbol and use keyboard to navigate the memory by typing the display data. You can construct any DOS protection
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  28. marjbel

    There are a couple of areas which could use some attention, such as the layout, and a more consistent tutorial, but overall it’s a safe bet. It’s safe to say that Mihov EXIF Renamer delivers the goods. It’s a painless way of identifying files in a way that isn’t intrusive to the image details.Q:

    need some help trying to figure out why the foreach does not seem to be working
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  29. brehayd

    Overall, it’s perfectly functional, so if you don’t find too many other applications that suit your needs, you can use it to automate downloads. It’s a quick and reliable application that best suits you if you want to automate your download experience.Gillian Penney

    Gillian Penney is an internationally honored designer, illustrator and creator of personalized stationery based out of Jacksonville, FL. Her firm, Penney Papier, began as a company that subcontracted as an
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  30. quilbask

    Servers are grouped by realm, provider and locale. More to come into the future.
    Enter the destination path where the file will be saved. On Windows it usually is C:\Program Files\UltiServerList.
    The mIRC username that will be used to sign-in to the servers, given by the mIRC and self system.
    The password or passkey (and mIRC alters it), given by the mIRC and self system.
    Enter a
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  31. sopbrye

    ■ Strong content management system (CMS) foundations with HTML5 HTML5, CSS, JS, PHP and MySQL knowledge
    ■ Object-oriented design, OO, code quality, clean code completion
    ■ Ability to operate well in a fast-paced creative environment
    o Maintain and upgrade existing CMS content-creation solutions
    o Maintain and improve existing custom-made code (in part or in full)
    o Manage multiple concurrent projects, deadlines
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  32. noethor

    The offered icons are of outstanding quality, minimalistic, light and easy to use with best compatibility on your device.

    Are you looking for high-quality yet packed-in readymade icons? You can do that now with our prepackaged icons! Each icon is carefully crafted and designed to give you a high quality experience. You don’t have to worry about obtaining an appropriate icon. You can start applying the icon as soon as you receive the download!

    What is the quickest and
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  33. jakohes

    This is good if, for example, you want to develop a game for windows, but your company uses Mac OS or Linux. You don’t need to learn other tools or programming languages such as Unity3d, Unreal 4,… for developing graphics-based games. It’s simple and with VB.Net it’s almost no learning curve, also because you work on game frames and not on graphical elements.



    Ascii Game Engine

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  34. juskiel

    Additionally, there aren’t any special options to configure, so you’ll need to unlock this version to have the real deal. All in all, giving it a normal rating means that it does no harm and is something different for a timer fan. Still, it wouldn’t really fit under “must have”, but then again, we do love clock-like apps.

    NB SimpleTimer is a pretty simple countdown tool for Windows, specializing in countdown timers
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  35. ululkat

    Unfriend Finder Free is an app designed to help you keep track of who has removed you from your Facebook friends list. It will show you the names of those people who decide to not keep you in their friend’s list. You can easily find out if those are real friends or acquaintances, and why they unfriended you.
    Free Unfriend Finder is a desktop tool designed to help you monitor who has unfriended you and how they removed you from their list of friends on facebook.
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  36. travkael

    Mapbox Maps Pro – api-basics

    Mapbox is a free alternative to Google Maps and similar services (like Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps). You can use the Mapbox API to get overview maps of an area (oceans and seas, cities, countries, and so on).

    The purpose of this free course is to get an overview of the basics of the Mapbox API. However, it is not mandatory, if you want to develop apps on your own,
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  37. geoman

    Tiki Calendar 2.0.5 (Jan. 18, 2018) is a small and easy-to-use application for those who look for a calendar widget on their desktop. Through this program, you can search and monitor upcoming events and activities on a Google calendar within your system. Plus, you can also use this application to make specific changes in dates, links and events.
    Developed with simplicity in mind, this application allows you to create your own calendar view, add the
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  38. reyjami

    The info includes a map of the star and its location as well as weather conditions. This feature may be particularly useful when you can view info about predicted stations in a field where there is a possibility for weather influence on it.
    Users can see a map with all stations on a particular date. All the info is obtained from Search Aias. The application can easily attach to the maps of the coordinates (stars or nebulae) or to actual captured images.
    In general, you need such
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